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2016 September 6

Under the pressure of continuing technological progress, regular ways of business performance are being changed. Just a few decades ago businessmen were expected to open physical data room to exchange any confidential information with their stakeholders or they were supposed to hand all the documents in person in a course of face-to-face negotiations. But, with the launch of virtual platforms, a new way of documents exchange emerged.

A virtual room is digital space for digital copies of secret corporate files and the access to the VDR may be opened for particular groups of users. Traditionally, virtual repositories are equipped with a multi-sided security system. Hence, you do not need to worry about data leakage, unauthorized sharing, misuse, destruction, loss, etc. Safety is ensured by such features as dynamic watermarks, firewalls, two-step user verification, data encryption, virus scanning, regular backups and multiple other unique functions immanent to reputable virtual data rooms.

Along with complex data safety, a virtual data room is also known for unprecedented accessibility: you have an opportunity to browse the files 24/7 365 days a year worldwide and continue to work even on-the-go via the mobile application. It means that you can share documents with your foreign investors, employees, partners, etc. almost instantly and that the accomplishment of the operation is without any interruptions in progress: you are not expected to take inconvenient business journeys and to take part in face-to-face negotiations. In addition, if you exploit VDRs for deal-making you have an opportunity to comment on all the information directly within the room with the help of Q&A section. >>>

Moreover, a virtual room constitutes a fully equipped space for work. The VDR is traditionally enhanced with multiple functions that speed up and facilitate the whole process of deal-making. Hence, you will not manage to miss pluses provided by unique search functions, filtering tools, in-document linking options, by integration with Microsoft Office. All these features let you to move around the room without any efforts, to adjust the room to your own projects, to investigate documents directly in a virtual room. So, a platform provides you with the virtual place which is equally suitable for dealing with the potential partners and investors and for for your own projects.

When dealing with communication with your partners, you are not supposed to worry about setting up numerous virtual repositories for different projects. The virtual data room gives you an opportunity to separate users into particular groups of users and to exchange certain documents with some groups. Hence, one platform is sufficient for simultaneous implementation of multiple transactions. In addition, all the room visitors can enter the room at the same time and any of the transactions is being neglected due to the virtual repository being busy with the potential partners dealing with the other deal.

Moreover, when utilizing a VDR you are sure what takes place in your VDR: activity tracking instrument leaves not a single action without attention. It means that whatever a visitor does in the virtual data room – browse, download, change files – it is written down and reflected in an audit report. The report gives you a chance to reveal the most concerned bidders, to keep an eye on what your employees do, etc.

Additional special characteristic of rooms is that you have a chance to make your platform consistent with the corporate identity by adding logos in emails, reports, other letters, by designing your platform in selected colours, etc. Hence, by opening a specially designed website, you make your virtual platform reflect your firm online to all the partners worldwide.

The options mentioned above make it clear to some extent why virtual data rooms are attracting attention and why businessmen give preference to the utilization of VDRs. These online spaces can be adapted to your deal’s demands and make the deal be accomplished quickly and smoothly. Also, rooms are available for reasonable prices and you are sure that you are paying only for the functions you need in order to reach your goals. So, there is not a single reason to avoid virtual rooms and to be loyal to old ways of deal-making. Avant-garde nature of virtual rooms will simplify your life and facilitate cooperation with the partners worldwide!

Sports Concussion in Children

2016 April 19

Sports-related concussions in children have received a lot of media coverage on the past few years. The understanding of the cause, diagnosis and management, and prevention of sports-related in concussions in children continues to evolve and it may be difficult to keep track of the new research. Here is my quick guide for kids, parents, coaches, and anyone taking care of the young athlete.

What is a concussion?

A concussion is defined as a mild traumatic brain injury that results from a direct or indirect trauma to the brain which causes cognitive and/or behavioral impairment, but no apparent structural changes. This is caused by direct or rotational forces from a blow to the head or indirect forces transmitted to the head from a hit to the body. The most common sports involved are “collision” sports such as american football, ice hockey, boxing, and rugby. Other sports in which concussions can commonly occur include “contact” sports such as basketball, lacrosse, soccer, and wrestling. read more…

Triathlons for Children

2016 April 13

Here are some pictures of the Nautica NYC Triathlon last weekend. I was there as a physician volunteer and was at the swim exit and then at the finish line. The NYC Triathlon is an Olympic distance event which covers a distance of 1.5K Swim, 40K Bike, and 10K Run. The swim is done on the Hudson River, the bike is along the West Side Highway, and then it finishes with a run through Central Park.

This got me thinking about triathlons for children. Currently, there are a number of triathlon events around the world geared toward children of all ages. In 2009, the New York Times did an article about this as well. In one triathlon, the youngest child to participate was 3 years-old. Before anyone becomes outraged at this, keep in mind that swimming, biking, and running are all things that children as young as 3 can do. Training for a triathlon may actually be better for overall development than many other popular sports like baseball and football since it incorporates various skill sets and utilizes the entire body. Triathlon events for children are great as long as everyone involved keeps some key points in mind: read more…

Tough Decisions about Concussions

2016 April 1

Decisions like the one Texas Longhorn Nolan Brewster recently made to quit playing football are tough.  I am not one of the physician taking part of his care, so I do not know all the specifics.  But having had similar conversations with my patients, I can understand the process he has gone through.  The Sport becomes part of the athletes’ identity.  In the case of a top college football player, it is also a potential source of future income for himself and his family.  But when the safety of the athlete becomes a major concern, sometimes this tough decision is the right decision.  This decision did not happen overnight.  It involves the discussion of the whole family along with a multi-disciplinary approach with coaches, trainers, and medical professions.  I always recommend consultation with a sports psychologist when concussions start affecting the normal routine for an athlete, and especially when decisions about quitting or changing a sport is involved.  Depression is among the possible symptoms of concussions and cumulative head injury.  For an athlete who needs to find a new identity, strong family support and a good sports psychologist are the most important things going forward.  I wish Nolan Brewster much luck and success on the next chapter of his life.